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Meet Sarah

Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist,

DSFH, AfSFH (Member)

"I believe that everyone should have access to high-quality mental health support whenever they need it; and becoming a Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist in practice will now permit me to help many others.  My aim and purpose are to empower others to take back control of their lives, overcome their challenges and build their resilience and move forward. Ultimately, I want to help people achieve a better state of positive mental health for a happier, brighter future both at work and in their personal lives"

Sarah Coward, Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy
Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy

About Me


My previous business marketing background combined with my Hypnotherapy Diploma makes me ideally placed to understand and relate to the real-world business situations, stress and anxiety that clients of ‘Your Best Mind’ might have experienced and to be able to help.

After 25 years’ experience in senior marketing communications in both the public and private sectors, I changed the direction of my career and started training for CPHT’s highly regarded Hypnotherapy Diploma – the only nationally recognised and externally accredited award in hypnotherapy in the UK. In 2023, I graduated with a Diploma in Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH), and this has given me the skills to help others in a more meaningful and transformative way – especially for those trying to make positive changes to their lives.


My Diploma is a practical qualification – informed by the latest research and neuroscience – and has equipped me to start Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy with professional confidence.

I have always had the desire to help people, and September 2022 was a point of significant evolution for me. I decided to retrain after experiencing for myself the positive effects of hypnotherapy – it greatly benefitted my mental health.

Hypnotherapy has helped me to rediscover my own inner resilience, my strength and confidence, and to maintain an intellectual, solution-focused approach to dealing with the daily challenges that come with parenting a young adult with a chronic illness. Using hypnotherapy and applying the knowledge I have gained about its principles and techniques, along with an understanding of the workings of the brain, enabled me to maintain hope and resilience.


During my course and over the past year, I’ve benefitted from real-world experience in hypnotherapy. Between study modules, I focused my practice on people who have anxiety-related conditions, while being supported by my lecturers (both in-class and remotely). This meant that I gained valuable experience safely while I was in training. 

Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy
Sarah Coward, Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy

 Why did I retrain?

A little more background about me...

I can honestly say that hypnotherapy gave me back optimism and hope for the future. A friend of mine (a practitioner) offered me therapeutic sessions to help me cope when I was struggling with heightened anxiety, brought on by caring for my teenage son who has a long-term mental health condition; in the course of the past three years, he has been hospitalised several times as a long-term inpatient. I now have hope and resilience as I support both my beautiful son and my wider family; to be better able to cope and provide support through the ups and downs this illness has brought into my family life.

Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy
Sarah Coward, Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy

I am passionate about supporting everyone’s better #mentalhealth. I help plan and organise fundraising activities and events to support children’s mental health charities, including  ‘In Charley’s Memory’.

When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy walking with my family in the beautiful North Somerset countryside and woodlands, cycling, swimming, reading, or enjoying a night out at the theatre or cinema. I’m a busy mum who’s juggled work and family life for 21 years and it’s been the privilege of my life raising my sons and being the best mum that I can be.

Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy
Sarah Coward, Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy

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