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Hypnotherapy Experience E-Gift Vouchers

Many people are curious about how hypnosis and hypnotherapy works.  So I have decided to offer a gift e-voucher for a Hypnotherapy Experience. Unlock the power of relaxation with my unique gift e-voucher for a transformative hypnotherapy experience. Treat someone you know and indulge them with deep relaxation, to help them to de-stress, unwind, and help to elevate their energy and self-esteem. This experience includes an exclusive hypnotherapy relaxation recording for a rejuvenating and restful sleep. Gift the extraordinary; gift serenity. 


The Hypnotherapy Experience Gift E Voucher comprises a one to one, 1 hour online (or face to face) 'hypnotherapy relaxation session' with me - which includes:

  • A short chat and explanation of how hypnosis/trance/hypnotherapy works

  • A 35 minute self-esteem boosting, stress-releasing, 'deep relaxation session'- (using special hypnotherapy language patterns)

  • A self-hypnosis audio from 'Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy' to use at home to aid restful sleep.

The Hypnotherapy Experience Gift Voucher can be purchased for £40.00 (for online session) or £50 for a 'face to face' in person session and is valid for 6 months. (full voucher T's & C's supplied upon booking). There is also the choice to buy a Christmas themed E-Voucher.

How to order your gift e-voucher

Simply complete the form below.  Once the form has been received, I will send you, the purchaser, bank details so that you can purchase the e-voucher via bank transfer.  The Christmas Voucher will be valid from 25.12.2023, (unless otherwise requested).  Once purchased, you will receive confirmation of payment, and an email with the attached file, this being the personalised e-voucher along with information on what is included in the Hypnotherapy Experience.  Booking instructions and voucher T's &C's will also be included. (Simply download and print out or email the e-voucher to give to your recipient)

Thanks for submitting your hypnotherapy e-voucher form!

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