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What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and how can it help me?

In the realm of alternative therapies and psychological interventions, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) has gained increasing recognition for its potential to help individuals overcome a wide range of different challenges. In my previous blog, we explored hypnotherapy in general, and discussed how it is both safe and effective – here we’ll concentrate on Solution Focused Hypnotherapy itself, and how qualified SFH therapists can harness the power of the mind to facilitate positive change.

Assisting individuals

· In overcoming obstacles

· In achieving professional and life goals

· In improving their well-being to live their best life both at home and at work.

I’m Sarah, I hold a Diploma in Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and am a member of the AfSFH (The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy). My Diploma is a practical qualification – informed by the latest research and neuroscience – and has equipped me to run Your Best Mind Hypnotherapy with professional confidence.

Understanding Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is based around a pragmatic approach, shining a light on the present and future – reinforcing a positive mindset, helping you to remove mental obstacles and move on. It's about identifying your aspirations, amplifying your strengths, and empowering you to create positive changes here and now.

Modern life can be stressful, but it is often only when we have reoccurring, and sometimes debilitating unhelpful/ unhealthy symptoms of this stress that we look for help. It is through understanding that many of the issues people seek help with are actually:

· Symptoms of something else

· Mindset related but with physical attributes

· Mental blocks and negative thought conditioning

that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is revealed as such a beneficial and lasting therapy. How many times have we heard friends and family say (or indeed, how many times have we said ourselves) that we have a plan to quit smoking, be more assertive/ less anxious at work, eat more healthily etc? Only in a short time to see them (or ourselves) return to the same behaviour/ struggle once more, with the same issues.

Think of your therapist as a trusted companion, helping you visualise the future you desire and equipping you with the tools to make it a reality. The underlying principle is simple yet profound – you already possess the inner resources needed to make those changes happen. Indeed, much of the wonderful feedback that I receive from clients focuses on the empowerment that sessions with me have brought about:

“I had both the relaxation and phobia treatments ...I do feel calmer about my long-standing phobia issue and in a more positive frame of mind - I am able to think more rationally”

The Process of Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy:

Charting the Path: Imagine sitting with a navigator, charting a course for your journey. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy starts with defining clear, achievable goals in partnership with a skilled therapist. These goals can span from managing stress and boosting self-confidence at work to breaking free from unwanted habits.

Entering a Trance and Cultivating Positivity: Envision a state of deep focus and relaxation – that's the trance induced during Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Through guided imagery and positive suggestions, your therapist leads you to visualise your desired outcomes, laying the foundation for lasting change. As you vividly imagine resolution and success, you pave the way for your mind to embrace and work towards it.

Magnifying Strengths and Taking the Leap: Think of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as a spotlight on your strengths. It's about acknowledging your existing capabilities and utilising them as tools for transformation. Just as a gardener nurtures a flourishing garden for the coming seasons, so this therapy nurtures your inherent strengths to build resilience for the future. Unlike therapies dwelling solely on reflection, SFH propels you into action. You'll be encouraged to adopt new behaviours, reshape your thought patterns, and embrace self-care practices that support your journey.

Benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy:

Rapid Progress: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will help you to make significant, positive changes in your life in a short period of time – with a focus on how you can ‘look within and help yourself’ to find the change and outcomes you want, rather than the issues or problems that prompted you to seek help. The addition of trance (hypnosis) within each session allows the brain to consolidate the changes you want to make faster than just talking therapy alone.

Inner Empowerment: Through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions, your therapist will highlight your strengths and equip you with practical tools. The therapy empowers you to take the lead in your life's narrative, to take back control, build resilience and move forward.

Solution-Centric: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has been likened to a compass, positively pointing towards solution, shifting your focus from problems to possibilities. It's about identifying pathways forward, rather than getting stuck in what's holding you back. Ultimately, as a Solution Focused hypnotherapist, I want to help people achieve a better state of positive mental health for a happier, brighter future both at work and in their personal lives.

Versatility: Whether it's taming anxiety, conquering phobias, boosting performance, or shedding unwanted habits, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is versatile, and can be effectively used to address a spectrum of challenges. I have a detailed page focused on the multitude of work-based issues that SFH sessions can resolve as well as a page dedicated to how SFH can be the answer to overcoming bad habits, weight loss and phobias

A Holistic Outlook: Recognising the synergy between mind and body, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy acknowledges that mental well-being influences physical health and vice versa. It's a holistic approach that nurtures your overall wellness, and again, this is a point that is raised in much of the client feedback I receive:

“I leave Sarah’s sessions feeling relaxed, positive and with a smile on my face. I will absolutely return to Sarah should I need more help in the future. She is like a massage but with longer-lasting benefits!”

As you've discovered here, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is your gateway to unlocking the mind's potential for transformation: overcoming personal obstacles, enhancing your well-being and helping you to achieve positive change for your best life at work. In particular, SFH can help business owners, entrepreneurs, teams and employees all find and achieve new clarity of thought, new purpose, new focus, more motivation, and a better, more positive mindset.

Your mind is an untapped reservoir of potential, and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy holds the key to unleashing it for a brighter, empowered future. Further information about SFH, and how my services can offer real and lasting solutions, is easy to access via where there are a number of ways you can get in touch with me – confidentially and obligation free.


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